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Business card scan

This feature is available from the home page of our mobile application.

We've designed our business card scanner to meet the needs of any business:

* Powerful: we've integrated the best OCR (character recognition) solution on the market to give you a near-perfect result.

* Fast: scan the card directly from the home page of the mobile application and find the pre-filled contact directly in your assistant, ready to share with your colleagues.

* Flexible: would you like to delegate verification to another user? Simply set them up on your profile, and they too will receive the scanned contact in their assistant.

Scanned information

When you scan a business card, our solution analyzes and recovers the data present: First name, Last name, Company, Position, Home phone, Mobile phone, Mailing address.

Anything you add in the "comments" section will be imported into the contact's "memo".

Business card validation

Once scanned, the business card appears a few minutes later in your list of contacts to be validated. You can check the information by clicking on the little pencil next to the name. You can also take the opportunity to add tags and/or the appropriate category.

Once you have finished, you can "Share in anaba" the contact. It will be added to your existing contacts and will be accessible to all anaba users, provided they have access rights.

Visible contacts in the list of contacts to be validated are only contacts that do not already exist in your anaba space. They are visible only to you and cannot be found via the search bar.

Sharing my contact list for validation with another person

We know that people who scan business cards in the field don't always have the time to properly check and categorize these contacts afterwards. Some managers meet a lot of people, and won't necessarily have the time to check all the business cards they scan. We have therefore made it possible to share anaba's "list of contacts to validate" with another user, who will take care of the validation part.

To do this, simply enter the name of the person with whom you wish to share your "Contacts to validate" on the "My Profile" page.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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