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Manage contact access rights

You want anaba to be your company's single address book, but you'd rather :

Keep some of your contacts confidential.
Manage access rights to certain contacts to prevent users from being polluted by contacts with whom they never interact.

You've come to the right place.


You can create teams from the administration area and the "Team Management" tab in a matter of seconds, and determine :

Users belonging to a team.
Categories/Tags/Projects accessible only to this/these team(s).

ℹ️ On the "User management" tab, you can see which team(s) a user in your anaba space belongs to.


Categories without 🔒 are accessible to all.
Categories with an 🔒orange are not accessible to the user.
Categories with a green 🔒 are accessible to the user.

ℹ️ By hovering the mouse over the padlock, a user can find out which teams have access to this category.
⚠️ By default, a category is accessible to all users in the space. So you won't see any 🔒 until the category has been restricted from the administration area.


When you perform a search or access a category, for example, you'll see all related contacts.
But you may not be able to see the contact details of some of them, because they have a Private Tag.
As in the example below, I don't have access to contacts with the tag "VIP", as these contacts are only accessible by the "Management" team.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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