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Users access levels on anaba

Default settings

What's the difference? For the sake of consistency and simplicity. The administrator can do everything, while the contributor CANNOT:

Access the administration area 🚫
Delete / Modify a category 🚫
Delete a company / person he hasn't created himself 🚫
Import / Export multiple contacts 🚫

The Reader CANNOT add / modify / delete anything. He can only view the contacts to which he has access and add reminders.

You can also create Teams to restrict access to certain contacts within your anaba space. To find out more, read this article.

Customizable settings

Every company has its own way of operating. We therefore give you the option of adapting contributor rights to suit your needs.

In the Administration > Account settings tab, you can choose whether or not contributors have the right to perform the following actions:
Create categories (Default: Yes)
Create projects (Default: Yes)
Create tags (Default: Yes)
Export contacts (Default: No)
Delete any contact (Default: No)

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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